AWIPS Pseudo-Ingredients

5 December 2000: Dan Baumgardt, SOO in LaCrosse, WI and Phil Schumacher, SOO in Sioux Falls, SD have made significant improvements to the AWIPS ingredients maps. Dan's Volume Browser Localization Page includes the new AWIPS Winter Ingredients-based Methodology fields. These fields include EPV* (i.e., PVes, or Saturated Equivalent Potential Vorticity) and QPV. They are combined onto the following AWIPS Ingredients Maps. Many thanks Phil Schumacher for creating the EPV* field and to Dan Baumgardt for computing QPV and assembling the diagnostics into these nice plots.

These new maps overcome many of the limitations that the pseudo-ingredients (discussed below) suffered from. It is recommended that the new Baumgardt maps be used instead of those presented on this page.

Important Notes (Please read before downloading the AWIPS procedures):

AWIPS pseudo-ingredients maps suffer from a number of limitations and are inferior to the NTRANS or GEMPAK ingredients maps. Some of these differences are due to problems inherent in AWIPS and some are due to my lack of expertise (and lack of time to gain the expertise) to code up some of the computed quantities.

The primary reason that I am making the AWIPS pseudo-ingredients maps available is not for operational use but for skilled AWIPS users to improve upon them and hopefully share their improvements with others.

Some of the shortcomings of the AWIPS pseudo-ingredients maps are listed below:
  1. Equivalent potential vorticity (PVe) is used in place of saturated equivalent potential vorticity (PVes). Where PVe is negative, the atmosphere can be characterized by PI or PSI, but conclusions about CI and CSI cannot be drawn.
  2. The convection potential indicator, QPV, is not shown on the maps.
  3. Contour intervals and ranges are somewhat arbitrary and are determined automatically by AWIPS. Problems associated with this include:

Example of an AWIPS pseudo-ingredients map:
(click to enlarge)

Key to the AWIPS Pseudo-Ingredients Plots:

(1) 6-hour Forecasted Precip

(2) MSLP

(3) 1000:500mb Thickness
(1) PVe (NOT PVes)

2) Q-vector Divergence
Temperature(1) Relative Humidity

(2) Specific Humidity

Once you have read and understand the above limitations, you may download the ETA AWIPS pseudo-ingredients procedure files: "awipsPseudoIngredients.tar". This a tarred file containing four directories, "Ingredients 600mb ETA", "Ingredients 700mb ETA", "Ingredients 850mb ETA", and "colorTables." After un-tarring the file (tar -xvf awipsPseudoIngredients.tar), these directories should be placed where your machine looks to find procedures. On our machine at UW-Madison it is a different directory than on the NWS machines, so I do not know the NWS location exactly. One source told me that these procedure directories at the NWS are in "/data/fxa/procs". Any additional information is welcome.

Click to Download the ETA AWIPS pseudo-ingredients procedure files