Gempak/UNIX Scripts for the Garcia Method

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This Garcia Method tool is an interactive Gempak/Unix script. It requires user input to place the cross-section and choose the isentropic surface. A full description of these scripts can be found on the Garcia Method Page.

Two versions of the script are available. The first version, runGarciaQuick, takes a cross-section location as input and runs the Garcia Method analysis for this cross-section. This version takes less time to run than the version which requires the user to manually place the cross-section, however it offers less versatility.

The second version, runGarciaFull, begins by displaying two four-panel figures of negative Q-vector divergence to allow the user to choose a cross-section. This insures that the cross-section, or "area of interest" lies in a region of forcing for ascent during the entire 12-hour forecast period, as assumed by the Garcia Method. This is also useful for determing the strength of the forcing for modifications to the Garcia Method estimate. Once the user has placed the cross-section, the script continues in the same manner as runGarciaQuick does.

  1. runGarciaQuick
  2. runGarciaFull
To run these scripts, you will also need the following files: If you need to make your own isentropic gempak data files (these are required input to the Garcia Method scripts), use makeEmptyGemFile and convertToIsentropic.

General Information:

After running any of the scripts, the user must type 'gpend' to close down the images and exit gempak. If the user clears the images individually using the toolbar, the gempak process will still be active and if enough of these accumulate, there could be trouble on the system.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or problems.