Winter Links

Snow Maps, Satellite and RADAR Images

Intellicast National Radar Image
Climate Prediction Center: NWS/Coop Snow Depth and Snowfall Graphics & Data
NCDC: Archived NEXRAD National Mosaic Reflectivity Images
NCDC: Archived Satellite Images
The GOES Gallery of Interesting Events at CIMSS

Current Forecasts and Discussions

U.C. Davis "U.S. Data by State" (NWS text Products)
NCEP Hydrometeorological Prediction Center: Heavy snow forecast graphics and discussion

NWS Links

LaCrosse, Wisconsin Wintertime Cloud Microphysics Review
Minneapolis, MN NWSFO Winter Weather Page
NWS Central Region Field Offices
MKX (Sullivan) NWS Central Office


Forecasting snowfall using mixing ratios on an isentropic surface: an update, Garcia (2000)
Office of Meteorology Winter Weather Awareness Page
NSSL Winter Weather Research Page
NSSL Online bibliography of winter weather scientific literature
NCDC Storm Data Publications
List of Wisconsin Snowstorms
UW-Madison AOS Page
University of Wyoming Department of Atmospheric Science Meteograms
Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training (COMET) Home Page