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Much of the material on this website has been taken from Suzanne Wetzel's M.S. thesis at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (Wetzel, 2000): "Investigation of the Dynamical and Thermodynamical Ingredients for Mid-Latitude Winter Season Precipitation."

The thesis is available for downloading in parts or as a whole from this site.

Please note: I would like to hear from you if you download any of the thesis. Please send an email to

The thesis was written in LaTeX and is available in the original post script format, or as a pdf document. Below are links to the thesis files. The complete thesis file is quite large, as it includes figures (color and b/w) so I have also made it available to download in sections.

Important Notes

Complete Thesis (except Chapter 2) Includes title page, list of figures, list of tables, table of contents, introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 (only the first few pages), Chapter 3, conclusion, appendix, and references. pp. 0-23, 61-158 postscript
134 Mb
23 Mb

Thesis Sections:

Introduction Includes title page, list of figures, list of tables, table of contents, and introduction. pp. 0-14 postscript
443 Kb
149 Kb
Instability (introduction only) Includes the first few pages of Chapter 2: an introduction to types of moist instability and diagnostics for instability. pp. 15-23 postscript
266 Kb
92 Kb
Ingredient Descriptions Includes descriptions of the forcing, instability, moisture, temperature, and efficiency ingredients, and the diagnostics used for each in the ingredients-based approach. pp. 61-83 postscript
1.4 Mb
627 Kb
Ingredients-Based Approach Includes a discussion of the ingredients-based approach to forecasting winter season precipitation, including ingredients maps (isobaric and cross-section) and snowfall accumulation estimates. pp. 84-114 postscript
43 Mb
7.4 Mb
Case Study: Ingredients-Based Approach Case study of the March 13-14, 1997 winter storm. Includes a synoptic overview, an investigation of the early onset of precipitation and the transition from snow to freezing rain from an ingredients perspective, and an ingredients-based forecast for the event. pp. 114-144 postscript
90 Mb
15 Mb
Conclusions and Future Work pp. 145-150 postscript
155 Kb
59 Kb
References pp. 154-158 postscript
172 Kb
74 Kb

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