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The AOS 452 lab will apply the concepts learned in lecture to a scientific discussion of the weather and how we forecast it. The lab section will introduce you to several graphical tools that are intended to help you convey these new concepts effectively in your weather discussions, projects, and labs. Syllabus and Tentative Schedule
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Forcing for Vertical Motion Diags.
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Lab HandoutAssignmentDue
1.Jan. 1996 Surface AnalysisLab 1 HWTuesday
Sept. 13
2.Jan. 1996 Upper Air AnalysisLab 2 HWThursday
Sept. 15
3.Forecast Prep and Model DecodingLab 3 HWTuesday
Sept. 20
4.GEMPAK I: Surface and Sounding Programs Lab 4 HWThursday
Sept. 22
5.GEMPAK II: Gridded Data ProgramsLab 5 HWThursday
Sept. 29
6.GEMPAK III: Hints and TricksNo HW--
7.HTML, CSS, and Your WebsiteLab 7 HWThursday
Oct. 6
8.GEMPAK IV: C-shell Scripts and 4-Panel PlotsLab 8 HWTuesday
Oct. 11
9.Diagnosis of Vertical MotionsLab 9 HWThursday
Oct. 13
10.Automated Plot GenerationLab 10 HWThursday
Oct. 20
11.Vis5D I: The BasicsLab 11 HWThursday
12.Vis5D II: Advanced TopicsNo HW--
13.Sawyer-Eliassen CirculationsLab 13 HWThursday
Nov 17
SynOvSynoptic OverviewDescriptionTBD
CS1Mini Case Study DescriptionThursday
Nov. 10
Ind. CSIndividual Case StudyDescriptionTuesday
Dec. 13